Metal Roof Snap Lock

Fowler's Roofing has recently purchased two metal cutting machines and two accessory bending machines. This eliminates the 2 to 3 week wait for materials to be delivered to do our metal roofs. The machines are portable and for really large jobs can be brought to the job sites. Our hope is to provide our customers with saving on wait time, as well as money.

We offer a 24 gauge metal with a 35 year paint finish warranty. A large variety of colors are offered.

Metal roofing has recently become popular for many roofing needs. It is virtually maintenance free, fire resistant and often able to last for the life of the structure. Lower energy bills are a reality, because of the special coating will reflect sun. It offers superior wind uplift resistance and will allow snow to fall right of in the winter time.

All trims and caps are designed to ensure an integrated weather-proof roof.

Fowler's Roofing will go to your home with thoughtful planning of the layout and careful measuring of the materials, we will then order your material to cut and bend right at our shop. We will check your existing roof deck and replace any bad wood. We apply ArmourGard High Temp Underlayment and also Iko RoofGard Synthetic Underlayment on the entire roof deck. New drip edge and flashing is applied around all necessary areas. We also do preparation for proper venting. Then we will allign the panels and start "Snapping" them down into place.

We do a full inspection of your chimney while working on your roof.

We follow all of the manufacture's specifications and recommendations to provide a 35 year paint finish warranty from the metal manufactures.

At the end of your job we do a complete clean up and inspection. Clean up includes your yard and landscaping, we also use a magnetic sweeper to pick up any lose nails and haul off all old material from the work site.

Fowler's Roofing is fully insured and offers a 24 hour emergency service serving the state of Maine as well as a 5 year warranty on labor.

Please feel free to drop by our Office / Showroom located at 672 River Road Chelsea, Maine 04330
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